Letter of No-Impediment to marriage and declaration in lieu of an oath

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30.08.2021 - Article

If you are a German citizen planning on getting married in the Republic of Ireland, you require a letter of no-impediment to marriage from the registry office at your (last) place of residence in Germany. Certified copies or signatures to accompany your application can be obtained at the Embassy.

You should contact your local registry office to ask for the list of requirements and in order to apply for a letter of no-impediment to marriage.

Please contact your local registry office to ask if your fiancé/-ée’s details need to be included in the application. In such case, your fiancé/-ée also needs to sign the application form.

All information given in the application form has to be supported by relevant certificates. Usually the following documents are required:

  • filled in application form (unsigned)
  • your birth certificate or excerpt of the birth registry
  • your fiancé/-ée’s birth certificate
  • your passport/ ID
  • your fiancé/-ée’s passport/ ID
  • proof of deregistration (Abmeldebescheinigung) from Germany
  • proof of residence in Ireland (for example current utility bill)
  • if applicable, birth certificates of children you have together
  • if applicable, divorce decrees of previous marriages or death certificate of the late spouse
  • your fiancé/-ée’s certificate of no impediment to marriage
  • The application form includes a section on the marriages of the applicant’s parents, which might need to be accompanied by relevant documents.

Please provide the original.

Please note that the registry office might ask for additional documents e.g. translations of documents that are not in German.


The fee for the signature certification is 56,46 Euros. There is an additional fee of 31,50 Euros for the certification of the listed documents above.

The relevant registry office in Germany also applies a fee for the certification of the Letter of No-Impediment to marriage.

Please clarify with the relevant registry office in Germany, if you need to present a declaration on lieu of an oath that you are single. If yes, please inquire with the registry Office if they have a form for this declaration and if it is sufficient to certify your signature on it or if this declaration has to be notarised. This declaration can be notarised in the Embassy. The fee for the notarisation is 123,40,- Euros.

Booking an appointment

The signatures on the application form for the letter of no-impediment to marriage can only be carried out in person in the Embassy in Dublin. Please contact the Embassy via email: info@dublin.diplo.de, to make an appointment.

Please attach the filled in application forms and the above required documents/scans in support of your application to the appointment inquiry email. Please inform us in advance, if you require a declaration in lieu of an oath that you are single.

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