Police Clearance Certificates

16.11.2021 - Article

Police clearance certificates are issued by the Federal Central Register of the Federal Office of Justice, whose address is as follows:

Bundesamt für Justiz
- Bundeszentralregister –
Sachgebiet IV21/IR
53094 Bonn

Further information and application form can be found here

Application procedure

The minimum age of applicants is 14. All applications must be made in person by the person to whom the certificate relates; no representative (including a lawyer) can apply. Applications should include the applicant's personal details, and must be signed personally by the applicant. The application and signature must be officially certified; this can be done by any German Embassy or Consulate (fee 56,46 Euros), by a public authority in Ireland or by a notary public. Alternatively a certified copy of an official passport containing the personal details referred to in the application form can be submitted.

The photocopy has to be signed by the applicant prior to certification.

The certifications can be done at the German Embassy in Dublin. Please make an appointment here.

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