Identity Cards (Personalausweise)

31.01.2024 - Article

How to apply for your new identity card

Identity cards can only be applied for in person. An extension of identity cards is not possible.
Identity cards are printed at the Federal Printing Agency (Bundesdruckerei in Berlin). The processing time is 8-10 weeks.
The validity period of the Identity card is 6 years for applicants under 24 years of age, otherwise 10 years.
We would like to point out that only complete identity card applications can be accepted and processed.

Booking an Appointment

Please book your appointment early, ideally six month in advance before the old document expires.
Please note that the appointments shown online are the earliest available. Due to high demand ahead of the holiday season, the earliest available appointment may be in 6-8 weeks.

You can book an appointment online via our online booking system.
Our appointment booking system is active for up to 6 weeks in advance, new slots are therefore released daily. When a cancellation occurs, the slot is released automatically.
Please note that the appointments shown online are the only and earliest appointments available.
The Embassy is not able to offer earlier appointments than the ones given on the appointment schedule (not even via telephone or email due to data protection).

Necessary documents to apply for a new identity card are:

Please bring the original documents with you to the embassy

  • checklist - Please print out the checklist and organise all documents according to the list. Checklist
  • application form (completed in block letters)

Application form (adult) (minors)
Information on data protection (GDPR)

  • your current identity card or passport, if the identity card has expired, please bring it along also (if applicable: report of loss from the police station)
  • birth certificate - long-form with details of parents (if in a third language: additionally with translation into German or English)
  • marriage certificate in the case of married persons or extract from the marriage register with mention of the married name (if in a third language: additionally with translation into German or English)
  • certificate of name change, if applicable
  • certificate of naturalisation, if applicable
  • PhD certificate, if applicable and if the entry of the PhD-title is requested
  • deregistration certificate from Germany (only necessary if the last passport/identity card still contains a German place of residence)
  • current proof of address of your residence in Ireland (e.g. household invoice or bank statement not older than 3 months)
  • two identical, current biometric passport photographs with a light background (click here for more information) not older than 3 months
  • a self-addressed envelope with a 9,50 Euro stamp to receive your new identity card with registered post (two envelopes are needed if you are registered in Germany). Envelopes can be purchased for 12 Euro at the Embassy.


Fees can be paid in cash or by credit card (Master / Visa card). Maestro and American Express cards cannot be accepted. Smartwatch and contactless payments cannot be accepted.

Identity card

younger than 24 years

older than 24 years

still registered in Germany

76,80 €

91,00 €

not registered in Germany

52,80 €

(as of 01.11.2024 63,80 €)

67 €

(as of 01.11.2024 78,00 €)

Important information about the new electronic identity card

Your ID card for the digital world:

Did you know that you can also use the online identification function of your ID card with more and more smartphones and tablets?

With the online identification function you can identify yourself securely in the Internet. You can deal with your administrative or business affairs simply electronically. This saves time, costs and travel.

While using you ID card online, your data is always protected.

The following link provides more detailed information on this topic:


Information on the Pin Letter

After applying for your identity card, you will receive your PIN letter with information on your identity card and the online identification function.

This letter contains important information that should be treated sensibly:

  • Your five-digit transport PIN (also called activation PIN)
  • Your PUK-number

Transport PIN
With your transport PIN, you can use the online identification function of your identity card.

You only need your unlock number (PUK) if you have repeatedly (three times) entered your PIN incorrectly.

Password to block the online function of your ID card
The PIN letter also contains your locking password. You will need this if you want to block the online ID function. If the online ID function is blocked, you can continue to use your identity card as usual as an identity card in daily life or at electronic border control facilities (so-called Smart Borders or eGates).
If you have lost your PIN letter and/or your identity card or if your identity card has been stolen, please report the loss immediately to the police and to a public authority (“Bürgerbüro”) for your own protection. The public authority will then block your online ID function. This will ensure that any attempt at misuse is detected immediately.
Blocking is also possible by telephone - via a hotline. You can only use the blocking hotline if you know your blocking password. (Sperrhotline)

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