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31.01.2024 - Article

Since the production of European passports can take up to several weeks, the German Embassy in Dublin can issue a temporary passport in addition to the biometric European passport in case of proven emergencies, e.g. when a family member is very sick. A temporary passport is valid up to 1 year and will be invalidated upon receipt of the biometric European passport.

Please be advised, that some countries do not accept the temporary passport as a valid travel document (e.g. no visa-free entry to the US). It would be advisable to check with the airline and familiarise yourself with the conditions of entry for the country of your destination.

The following original documents are required for an application:

  • Current Passport and/or identity card
  • Birth certificate (if in another language than German or English, please provide a translation into German or English)
  • De-registration form (‘Abmeldebestätigung’) from last local authority (only applicable if the last place of residence was in Germany or if a German place of residence is shown in the passport)
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable (if in another language, please also provide a translation into German or English)
  • Confirmation of name change, if applicable
  • PhD certificate, if applicable and if you wish to have your title entered in the passport.
  • Recent proof of address in the Republic of Ireland (e.g. utility bill or bank statement)
  • Two recent, identical, biometric passport photos with a bright background. Please click here for further information.
  • Self-addressed, prepaid large envelope (9.50 Euro for registered post). Envelopes and stamps can be purchased for 12 Euro at the Embassy.
  • For applications for minors, please see the following notes: If one parent cannot be present, the application can still proceed with just one parent attending, provided the absent parent gives consent using the form below. In this case, the consent form needs to be filled in, signed and the signature of the absent parent as well as his/her passport copy certified by either an Irish notary or An Garda Síochána. If the absent parent is abroad the signature on the consent form and passport copy should be certified by a German Embassy or Consulate or, if in Germany, by an official local authority.

Please note that your application can only be accepted if the above documents are complete. If the documentation is incomplete you might have to make a new appointment.


Fees can be paid in cash or with credit card (Master-/ Visa card). We cannot accept Maestro or American Express cards. Smartwatch and contactless payments cannot be accepted.

Registered in Germany


96,00 €

70,00 €

Appointment booking

To apply for a German passport or ID card in the German Embassy, you need to make one appointment per applicant.

You can book an appointment online via our online booking system.
Our appointment booking system is active for up to 6 weeks in advance, new slots are therefore released daily. When a cancellation occurs, the slot is released automatically.
Please note that the appointments shown online are the only and earliest appointments available.
The Embassy is not able to offer earlier appointments than the ones given on the appointment schedule (not even via telephone or email due to data protection).

For the protection of your privacy, please note that the Embassy only allows entry to the passport section five minutes before your scheduled appointment. For safety reasons, please refrain from bringing larger pieces of luggage such as suitcases of any kind or backpacks.

If you live in the administrative district of our Honorary Consul in Galway, please contact him via email if applicable.

Please note that he can offer the following service:

  • applications for children’s passports
  • applications for biometric passports for children up to the age of six

Passport applications of applicants living in Northern Ireland can be lodged with Honorary Consul, Dr. Marion Lübbeke. Please contact her via email to schedule an appointment.

Name declaration

It might be necessary to do a name declaration if any of the following statements applies to you: Please note that the name declaration has to take place before you apply for a new passport document.

  • You got married outside Germany and would like to apply for a passport in your married Name.
  • You got divorced and would like to apply for a passport in the name you previously carried before you got married.

Click here for more information on name declarations

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