Complaints regarding the Schengen-Visa application process

An application for a Schengen visa with a pencil is lying on a table in front of an EU flag.

Schengen visa application, © dpa - The German Press Agency

30.08.2021 - Article

Applicants for Schengen visas can lodge a complaint about the behavior of the Embassy staff or the visa application process via email or the contact form. Please select “Complaint regarding the Schengen visa application process” in our contact form.

Please note that complaints can only be submitted in German or English; we cannot investigate complaints in languages other than German or English.

Please enter one of the following options in the “Subject” field:

1.) complaint about behavior of consulate staff

2.) complaint about the visa application process

We will investigate your complaint after we have received it.

Important: The complaint contact form cannot be used to lodge appeals when your visa was denied or cancelled.

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