Police Clearance / “Certificate of Good Conduct” from Germany

Jemand zeigt mit dem Finger auf ein erweitertes Führungszeugnis

Führungszeugnis, © Stephan Jansen/dpa

13.12.2019 - Article

Obtaining the Certificate

Persons living outside the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany can obtain a Certificate of
Good Conduct at the Bundesjustizamt (Federal Office of Justice).

Every person over the age of 14 years can apply for a

– certificate of good conduct for personal purposes (private certificate of conduct), or
– certificate of good conduct for presenting it to a German authority (certificate of conduct for
official purposes) or
– an “extended” certificate of good conduct for persons who are working with children and minors, e.g.  schools, sport-clubs.
If the person has a legal representative, the latter can also apply for such a certificate on behalf of the represented person.
If the person concerned is incapable of contracting, only the legal representative can apply for a
certificate of good conduct.

Written aplication
The written application must be sent to the following address:
Bundesamt für Justiz (Federal Office of Justice)
Sachgebiet IV 21 / IR
53094 Bonn

The person filing the application must prove their identity and, if they are acting as a legal representative, their power of representation. The person concerned and their statutory representative may not have themselves represented on filing the application by a person holding a power of attorney, even if they are a lawyer. The application must contain the complete personal data of the person concerned and must be signed by him/her in person. Additionally, the address is to be stated to which the certificate of conduct should be returned to.
The personal data as well as your signature have to be officially certified. A certified copy of your passport alone is not sufficient enough to apply for the certificate of good conduct. The certification of your data and your signature may be issued by any Garda station, a Notary Public or the German Embassy. (In the Embassy, the certification of your signature can be done during the consular opening hours. Please arrange an appointment, using the contact form on our website: Contact the German Embassy
Please note that the certificate of good conduct is issued exclusively in German language.
You can find further information and the application form on the website of the Federal Office of Justice www.bundesjustizamt.de
The fee for the certificate (13 Euro) needs to be transferred to the bank account of the Federal Office
of Justice. The bank details can be found on the application form itself.

Apostille for the Certificate
Occasionally, an apostille on the certificate of good conduct is requested by Irish authorities.
Please enquire beforehand if your authority requires an apostille on the German certificate of good
You can apply for the apostille at the Federal Office of Justice at the same time when you apply for
the certificate of good conduct. The fee for the apostille is levied seperately and does not need to be
paid in advance.

Child Protection Clearance

In the Federal Republic of Germany, penal convictions are gathered in the “Bundeszentralregister” (Federal Central Criminal Register) which is operated by the “Bundesamt für Justiz” (Federal Office of Justice) in Bonn. A so-called “child protection clearance” does not exist. According to Sec. 30 para. 1 of the German Act on the Federal Central Criminal Register, any individual who has reached the age of 14 can apply for a “Führungszeugnis” (Certificate of Conduct) - an excerpt from the Federal Central Criminal Registry. This excerpt serves as legal certificate with the purpose to inform others about a person’s criminal record and to prove, as the case may be, the lack of records.

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