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13.12.2019 - Article

Unfortunately, the Embassy is unable to replace a German drivers licence.

If you still have a registered residence in Germany, you may apply at the at the respective drivers licence office in Germany. If you don’t have a registered residence anymore, the office in Germany usually won’t take your application according to our experience. In that case, you need to apply for a new licence at the Irish National Drivers Licence Service (NDLS).

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During the summer holidays, there is an especially high level of traffic on the federal trunk roads. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has thus imposed a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driving ban for the Saturdays in July and August in order to reduce the risk of congestion. The ban applies to HGVs weighing 7.5 tonnes or more and to HGVs towing a Trailer.

Environmental Zones are designated by the sign 'Umweltzone', and can only be entered by vehicles meeting the standards of Pollutant Classes 2 to 4 according to EU exhaust standards. Drivers entering such a zone will be required to carry a low-emission sticker.

General information on emission zones

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