How to change your name

22.09.2020 - Article

A name declaration must be filed in person at the German Embassy in Dublin.
Please contact the Embassy via email in order to book an appointment. If you wish to apply for a passport at the same time, please book an appointment on our website in the passport section.  Please let the consular department know by email that you have booked a passport appointment. The consular officer will arrange an appointment for your name declaration on the same day.
In order to prepare your name declaration, we would kindly ask you to fill out the appropriate application (do not sign it) and send it to the Embassy via email  prior to your appointment.  Please also send a scan of the documents mentioned in the relevant checklist. Once we have done a first check of your documents and prepared your name declaration, we will contact you via e-mail to confirm your appointment.

1. Both spouses/civil partners/parents must be present in person as both their signatures have to be certified on the name declaration form.

2. Bring all documents and certificates listed in the relevant checklist as original documents plus two copies. The copies will be certified at the German Embassy and the originals returned to you.
3. All documents that are not in German or English must be furnished with a German translation. Please note that the registrar’s office in Germany might also ask for German translations of English documents. Occasionally documents are required with Apostilles.
4. The Embassy will forward your name declaration and supplementing documents to the registry office in Germany where a certificate of proof of name will be issued. The registry office will most likely charge an additional fee for the certificate to be paid directly to the registry office.
5. Information concerning data protection with regard to the processing of your application can be found here,
6. The fee for your name declaration is 25,- Euro plus approx. 10,- Euro for the certification of copies which will be forwarded to the registrar’s office.
7. The processing time is dependent on the registrar’s office in Germany. The German Embassy in Dublin has no influence on processing times and cannot give any estimates.
8. The name declaration will only come into effect once it has been received and reviewed legally by the relevant registrar’s office in Germany.

Application forms and Checklists

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