Otto-Hahn-Schule in Frankfurt am Main is looking for a partner school for an exchange

Otto Hahn School - School Yard

Otto Hahn School - School Yard, © Otto Hahn School

10.04.2019 - Article

Our school, Otto-Hahn-Schule Frankfurt, is a co-educative integrated comprehensive school situated in the North of Frankfurt/ Main, Germany. We are currently looking for a partnering  school for a mutual exchange Programme.

Otto Hahn School - classroom
Otto Hahn School - classroom© Otto Hahn School

As a comprehensive school our approximately 1200 students are divided in 3 different streams, offering lower secondary levels to year 5 (equalling Junior Cycle), a secondary level up to year 6 (equalling Transition Year) and a higher secondary degree course equivalent to the Irish Leaving Certificate. All streams offer English as a first foreign language starting in year 1.

Our school takes part in the MINT programme (Sciene) and we also offer “study time” lessons (a special autonomous study concept) to our students.

Situated to the north of Frankfurt, Nieder-Eschbach our school not only offers a protected and secure environment for any visiting pupils but also the buzzing cultural life of a large city within easy reach.

Otto-Hahn-Schule has already established twin-schools with Toulouse (France), Cracow (Poland), Hódmezövásáhely (Hungary) and would be looking for a similar arrangement with a school in an English speaking country.

We would like to arrange a mutual exchange of about one to two weeks duration but would also consider other options like pen friend programmes or the like. A common project would also be of great interest.

Otto Hahn School Gym
Otto Hahn School Gym© Otto Hahn School

For further information visit: www.ohs-frankfurt.de

If you are interested, please contact: olbert@ohs-frankfurt.de

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