Europaschule Troisdorf: a co-educational grammar school located between Cologne and Bonn

Europaschule Troisdorf

Europaschule Troisdorf, © Dirk Blotevogel

28.12.2018 - Article

We are looking for a long-term partnership with an Irish secondary school, preferably one that teaches German as a second language. We look forward to hosting Irish students (aged 14-16) for about one week each year and we would like to pay your school a yearly visit, too.

Students will be staying with families of students of your school, who are taking part in the exchange. We have a long tradition of exchanges with schools in Poland, Spain, Italy and France, which are very popular among our students.
Approximately 1,000 students are taught by 100 teachers at the Europaschule Troisdorf. We offer our students a choice of fine art or bilingual profile. English is the first second language taught, followed by French, Spanish and/or Latin. As a Europaschule we are dedicated to the European philosophy and initiate several European projects for different age groups as well as encourage our students to take part in European Competitions.
Our grammar school is located in Troisdorf, the Cologne/Bonn Metropolitan Region. This is a highly attractive and popular tourist area, not only because of Cologne as a region’s cultural hub with a landmark of High Gothic architecture, the twin-spired Colgne Cathedral and the beautiful Rhine River or the city of Bonn being the former capital of Germany. The region also offers a scenic landscape with the Nature Park Siebengebirge and Castle Drachenfels. The Cologne/Bonn airport is only a few minutes away from Troisdorf.

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